Who we are

Etermax is the leading company in social games in Latin America. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has emerged as a model company in cross-platform game developing in the region. It has entrepreneurial and spirited young leaders, who work hard to sketch the future of gaming. Every day.

200 Million

Total installs

20 Million

Daily active users

3 Billion

Games played last year

60 Million

Monthly users

500 Million

Daily impressions


Monthly minutes per user


Maximo Cavazzani

Founder & CEO

Simón Selva

Chief Operating Officer

Mariano Fragulia

Chief Product Officer

Gonzalo García

Chief Technology Officer

Sebastián Peña

Chief Human Resources Officer

Débora Nara

Press & Communications Manager

What we do


We start by analyzing our users' feedback. We conceive an idea with their needs in mind. The course to take is always dictated by our audience.

Plan & Create

A team composed of designers, developers and engineers research and discuss options to find a creative, efficient and innovative strategy to bring the concept to reality.


We develop the idea by translating the concept into code for each platform. We learn from our mistakes and improve at every step until the new game is ready to be launched.

Launch & Improve

After the game is launched, we monitor its impact on our audience. We start over. We strive to improve our games continuously, so that every game we launch is better than the previous one.