A successful marketing campaign

Etermax has always been a pioneer in commercial strategy regarding game monetization. It is one of the first worldwide developers to build its business model based in Mobile Advertising. Etermax knows its users' tastes, preferences, characteristics and habits. All this data is used to improve the ads experience within the apps.

Our games are a cutting-edge medium that enable your communication objectives to be met with precision and in a playful environment. Get to know the formats we have to offer and find your ideal ad campaign.


Global reach

Our games are enjoyed all over the world. This allows us to reach users playing anywhere at any time.

Global reach
Gender and age group

We have a formidable user base. Players of all ages enjoy our games, which makes us visible to a wider audience.

Gender and age group

Why publish with us?

At Etermax we know our players' interests. In addition to their demographic profiles, purchasing habits, use of credit cards and location, we know the game categories they excel at, both in answering questions and in creating them.

  • Increases visibility

    An innovative and positive brand experience.

  • Users find it less intrusive
  • Global reach:

    Allows us to reach a user playing anywhere at any time.

  • Results can be measured and tracked

    It is easy to estimate the return on investment.

  • More exposure time when compared to other media

    Users pay more attention and remember better.

  • Experience

    Rather than "Presence".


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